For the last month I’ve been living at Fennells Farm working for the fantastic Gifford’s Circus, it’s been a mad one! 🙂

I’m not sure where to start with describing the past few weeks.

I’ve been able to work within the costume department, art department and the circus sauce team it’s been fantastic and has made my work days very unique!

Lots of paining, sorting and making I love that everyday you can do so many different things, for example other day I started by painting the inside of the restaurant wagon (we have a brand new wagon this year, which gives us a lot more space) I then started making a costume copy for the show and rounded up the day by going to pick wild garlic with the lovely Charlie to make pesto from…

Not many jobs would give you that sort of freedom and variety. I worked with the team of interns to sew 1000s of leather roses to decorate the horses that perform this year on the Moonsongs tour (photos are below of the fittings and final look) and have made a copy of david costume for the show, its nice to put me sewing skills to good use for this brilliant show! The team are fantastic and really good fun to work with which I think makes the job, looking forward to the mad summer ahead.






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