Still loving circus life although there have been a few moments when just going back to bed has seemed like a fantastic option (mainly when you wake up at 6.30 to rain pissing it down outside and knowing you have a lot of polishing still to finish) but other than those occasional moments tour is still fantastic.

The people are lovely and the locations we get to live in are idyllic. We’ve been having brilliant reviews as well! Since Oxford parks we have been to Daylesford, Barrington, Frampton and were now in our second week of Minchinhampton. All of these Cotswold sites have been gorgeous… my sister joined us in Daylesford for a week, it was so nice to have her on site and get to spend some time with her, which is a rarity (she is also no stranger to hard work so having her onsite was a massive help)

Barrington was one of our busiest grounds with extra parties to cater as well as usual service and we attended the famous Barrington party held every year by the Blacker family, which was so much fun…everyone wearing crazy wigs and hats to fit in with the theme, dancing to the live band and drinking the free bar dry. The next morning was a challenge but so worth it!

We were only in Frampton for a week, which seemed to fly by. I stayed, for the majority of it with friends nearby to take full advantage of a comfy bed and hot bath. Although we were only there for a week a lot seemed to happen, tweedy opened the local shop with a full Giffords parade including the Ethiopian acrobats, contortionists, Maxie the magician, the band and of course Bibi and Bichu juggling. The weather was perfect for the occasion a blissful summers day with clear blue skies! Being on tour with a circus on days like this makes you realise how lucky you are and how worth it all the hard work is.

Anyway back to now… I’m sitting in my bunk with the rain lashing down outside about to wander off the common and into Minchinhapton to find some Internet to check into the real world for a brief time and wish my sister a happy 21st birthday 🙂





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