So… lots has changed with CP mainly Alice had finally left! Since she has gone (since the new year officially, although she hadn’t been contributing for about 4 months before) I’ve been able to crack on and sort things out… mainly the stock so I sifted out the pieces that I didn’t think encompassed the CP style and have been making a new range. This is called the Revived Range, I have taken vintage items and have worked sections of vintage ethnic fabrics into panels. This makes each piece truly individual as well as looking stunning! Each item takes quite a long time to rework as I’m doing it all by hand for a more professional final look.

As well as introducing and making this new range I have booked into Judy’s, Lulu’s and Pop-up’s vintage trading markets that take place all over the UK, so expect to see Curious People on a market near you soon! J

Below are some images of the Revived Range

revive jacket 1

revive jack 2


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