So I’ve just recovered from a week of trading at The Clothes Show… BLIMEY what an experience. Alice has left CP so kindly mum, dad, Ticci and Sarah helped me out all week. It was tough work, early starts and late finishes and only seeing florescent light for 7 days really starts to get to you!

It was a fantastic experience that I think we executed with style… Mum helped me to decorate the pitch, which defiantly helped us to stand out from the crowd as we were trading in a vintage section of the cavernous NEC space. I’m glad Curious People traded here I learned a lot and even managed not to snap when the very young cliental asked for items in other sizes of colours, I just calmly replied “I’m afraid all our products are one off vintage pieces” and cussed in my head as they complained. Over all though it was ok. I think the organisers should be ashamed of their poor promotion of the vintage quarter and the organisation behind the event. It was shoddy! All this in mind I think CP did very well so it was a big learning curve!



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