This has been the most interesting/incredible location to film at! We have been based for a few days at Fort Southwick in Portsmouth, what an amazing labyrinth of tunnels; rooms of antiques dating back through both world wars and the views were incredible!

 A central spiral staircase from the surface gives access to four main tunnels running outward from it at uneven angles. These tunnels lead to the barrack block, caponiers, down to the docks and to the most amazing maze of rooms some the size of small ballrooms.


Filming in the day and for night shoots we were immersed in the tunnels (bats and all) around the clock, not-to-point out the obvious but in the conditions we were in (-7 and snow) thermals were needed!

This amazing location has been incredible to visit and I hope to come back on-day perhaps for a massive party down there it would be amazing!

(There’s also a heard of alpaca roaming around up there)


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