SO pull downs at 6.30 in the rain are not so much fun! It was such a horrid day for the first pull down (which is when you pack down your wagon ready for the move and the pack down the circus and wait to be towed to the new site) This I can imagine is a quick and painless part of the circus if you have a full team helping and your not soaked all the way through.

So, flash back… its half six in the morning and I’m stood with the sleepy team in a very wet field with wellies on and at this point your realise you don’t really have anywhere to go or anything… my belongings were packed up and on the road in my wagon and the shelter/food/warmth from the restaurant was all closed down and ready for the move and so you just wait for the truck to arrive, we waited until 10am. By which time we were all very hungry, very wet and rather tired (I think its fair to say this wasn’t a great pull down)

But when we arrived at Sudeley castle we went and got sausage sandwiches from Winchcombe and the sun actually came out so build up was a much more positive affair!

Sudeley is such a beautiful picturesque ground for the circus to be and it’s a short walk across a meadow to a really good pub! We have 3 3-show days because of the bank holiday over the next few days so fingers crossed we all survive!



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