I’m going to be running away with the circus! So over the last few weeks I applied to be involved with Gifford’s circus, went for an interview and got the job! The interview was completely unique… I met with Oli who will be my boss, who showed me around the farm where Gifford’s lives in the winter months. I got to see the costume rooms and the wagons that are built up from original 1920’s chassis. We then made pizzas in the restaurant wagon, which we then tucked into to with a few of the team it was such good fun!

By far the most interesting and fun interview I’ve every had. I can’t believe I have the job… Giffords has been such a big part of my life so far, it was the reason I decided to study costume in the first place and we have had so many wonderful family memories over the years watching this traditional English circus and the delightful and quirky acts it has had over the years. I can’t wait to start in May i’m so excited!

This is going to be my traveling home!!! 🙂


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