This week I’ve been working with Chalky Productions on a viral Christmas TV advert for the new Playstation TV. It was brilliant being back on set, the team were wonderful and there was even a pavlova at lunch from the wonderful Pavlova Princess- Ashley Maude, who was one of the main actresses on the shoot. I love working on set because you’re on location, which is always interesting but also you meet so many new faces. Costume tends to stand by monitor with the MUA person and on this shoot hair and make up was taken care of by the wonderful Jenny G Grayburn for JG88Makeup, its was so lovely having such a great person to hang out with on set makes the job even better!

On this job I was in charge of the wardrobe, which was all sourced due to time constraints. If I had had more notice I would have loved to make all the outfits but I’m really happy with the final looks that I put together. Ill link the ad below when it comes out, I can’t wait to see the final cut!




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