So I had a damn good reason to leave Giffords, which was always going to be the only reason I left. I am now in charge of the costume department at The Invisible Circus who are based in Bristol.

It’s been a mad one!! The day after I left Giffords I started my new job in Bristol without a place to live…friends who took pity of me living in my little Citroën Berlingo van and took me in, which was fantastic (although living in my van was fine, it was just a little cramped with me and all my stuff AND when it rained it was so loud!)

I have a studio, which is like a dream come true. It’s at the Invisibles unit and has

two floors, which gives me plenty of space to play with. I’m thinking of having a making room on the ground floor and then a costume store above. There was and still is a lot of work to be done. *Watch this space I’ll do a before and after*

Who are The Invisible Circus?


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