For my mums’ birthday my sister, dad and I organised a surprise trip to Marrakech. We gave her the tickets two days before we set off on the trip, I’m still proud that no one gave away the surprise (although there were a few very narrow misses!) Once we got to the airport we met mum’s brother and his partner, which was the second part of the surprise…the final part was the Riad that we stayed, which was a small chunk of calm in the beautiful bustling old town of Marrakech.

We stayed in Morocco for a long weekend and had the most fantastic time, I love it there so much… all the sights, sounds, colour and fantastic locals. Its been a few years since I was last there and I wandered into shop in the souk where I had purchased kilim rugs and textiles on my previous trip and they remembered me! It was the most fantastic customer service I have ever witnessed and so I brought more!

I cant wait to go back, next time I want to head into the mountains and I’m curious to visit fez, so fingers crossed that’s not to long away in the future.



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