Hi everyone I’ve been having a really busy time at the moment but with the new issue of pictogram out I have had some time to get on with a bit of crafting.

Its been really lovely to get stuck in and start making things again, its great to get that sense of achievement at the end of a project, which I have missed from university!

So I have been making a few cute Christmas decorations and then started making sewing kits with kilner jars as well as a range of detachable collars. The collars I have had such fun creating in a variety of fabrics and colours including a sequin one which is one of my favorites!

I decided that after getting rather stuck into making I should probably sell some of it to cover my costs and it all makes great Christmas presents, so I signed up to a few craft markets and have created an Etsy store where all the world can see and buy my crafty items 🙂

I’m so proud, it feels nice to be a little more on track. Below is an image of my selling at the “craft coffee and cupcakes’ fair in Bournemouth on the 11th of November and a link to my new Etsy sight 🙂


 (the lady in the background makes me giggle) 🙂

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