On Friday the designer Janey Gardener came to university for the projects first fitting of the principal costumes.

For this fitting the actual performer wasn’t available, so I had to find a body double, this was pretty hard I had to wander the university asking people for their height and then measuring them (didn’t really enjoy being that person) but in the end it paid off “Gary” was a fantastic body double…

The fitting went well it lasted a little longer than expected but the designer seemed pretty happy over all and we changed bits and pieces of the design so it is better suited for the stage, parts have been lengthened and the cloak will be cut in panels making it easier to construct.

The fitting was very helpful for me to demonstrate my technical knowledge and be able to discuss design development with the designer. This process and teamwork has defiantly helped me to approach the final construction of the costume more confidently and with a better understanding of what is required.

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