Recently I have been looking into buying a canvas messenger style bag and well the ones I wanted were really pricey and nothing special! So I thought I’d have a go at making one, I’ve never actually made a bag before but well I didn’t think it could be that hard!

I decided to keep my costs down and save the environment a little by using an old horse rug that I was going to throw away, its made from an old green waxed canvas with a woollen checked lining (our horses have a good wardrobe!).

The first step after designing the style I wanted was to pattern cut it, this basically involves sectioning and sizing each panel with paper. After cutting out the pattern I laid it out on the fabric and cut round each piece (I then chucked all the pieces in the washing machine, cleaning it this way was a lot more manageable!)

When the bag pieces were clean and dry I pinned it all together and sewed each into place. At this point I have sewn on the fastenings to the front of the bag, I have used the fastenings from the original horse rug so that nothing is being wasted as well as sewing on the bag strap, for this I have used an old leather belt that I never wear. I have sewn the outer fabric bag and lining fabric bag separately and then I put the outside into the lining so the right sides of the fabric were together (bagging out) and sewed them together leaving a small opening.

Through that opening you pull the entire bag through, when it’s turned though I pressed it all out and hand sewed that opening closed. TA-DA all done one beautiful new messenger bag! I’m really pleased with the final piece I think if I were to make it again I would edge stitch the flap to give it a neater finish.



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