It’s so strange being home!!! Mum and dad picked me up from the airport with daffodils in hand. It’s so beautiful at home spring has sprung, lambs are being born and the sun has actually been shining for the past few days!
It’s odd being back, not much has changed here but I feel like I’ve changed loads, I know it’s such a cheesy traveler conversation the whole ‘I’ve travelled and found myself’ speech well… I have started to travel and I’m not sure I’ve ‘found myself’ because I think I already know who I am but I do feel much happier, I learned I can really challenge myself and how great entering the unknown can feel. I’m pleased I have spent the last few months having adventures and meeting people, it’s been fantastic. I miss New Zealand so much the spectacular scenery and gorgeously laid back way of life and I will miss the street food from Asia and the kindness of locals but I’m excited to be home and heading back to the circus, which is just round the corner… Bring on another season on the road (and I’m already planning the next adventure!) meanwhile I have a few thousand photos to sift through and a large overdraft to start filling in… eeekkk!


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